The rose nights

A sire is made as a sire falls
The torpidity of Kevin

It appears from the fertile blood of the reckless one, we have borne a new childre. Her sire, imprisoned beneath concrete for 15 years, and his newly made childre left on her own to survive. If she breaks the masquerade, he will be gifted final death. Otherwise, he shall raise again, reborn by the grace of Jasper O’Neel.

RIP Kevin Redus. May you meet better nights in your slumber.

The second night...
Dark Sparks Ignited

The prince invited four kindred to help him find out what has been happening to multiple women who have been getting kidnapped by a strange cult of some kind. The only common trait is that these women all are sex workers, and once inducted get a rose tattoo on the back of their hip. The local sheriff had captured one of these girls, and has tried to extract information from her, and so the four chosen kindred seeked to find out more. Upon discovering her, they found that she triggers from the word rose to kill herself, and had already bitten off her own tongue. The Ventrue from the group was kind enough to give his blood to allow her to regrow a tongue to speak once again. They discovered quite a bit, from her, but in the end decided to wait until the next day to do some tests on her blood sample, and have a social gathering with other kindred. They sent the blood sample to Raphael Dunesmith’s lab, who said he would contact them as soon as possible if he found anything strange.

At the gathering, the four vampires learned more about a tension between the local Bruja and Camarilla due to the death of the old prince who was of the Bruja clan. The prince is worried of these tensions because he knows that the Bruja clan is strong, and can easily take on the entire Camarilla should tensions reach too great. At the party, the Malkavian of the group received a strange gift from Claire Salvadore which was a strange severed human hand in a jar. What is even more disturbing is that the hand itself is actually still alive despite it’s current situation.

Beyond this, the local area has rumors of multiple killings found within the woods, which could be attested to werewolves hiding just out of sight.

The first night...
...death is but the beginning.

The first game takes place, character sheets should be ready and approved by moi, and we can get to drinking blood and kicking ass! :D

Go here to learn more about the world and it’s characters. It is not necessary, but I strongly suggest looking at the characters section to get the upper hand on other characters.

Interactive Character sheet:


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