Esmeralda Illuminous

Mafia Matriarch


A walking piece of art, scents to intrigue the mind, “let me introduce you to someone I think you would like to meet”, is the way this elegant woman intermingles with the clans.

Not willing to discriminate against any one of the blood, she treats all fairly, equally, and with an allure that often invokes loyalty.

She also knows how to protect herself when needed.


Esmeralda ran a profitable escort business, one that would bring in the right people and the right information needed to put her desires into action.

She happened to meet Malcolm Evens as he was playing at one of the clubs she “assisted”. Being a bit of a sensualist herself, she was drawn to his dark, edgy look and musical talent. After a few sessions together, he revealed to her that he could make her dreams of power and connection true-only as long as she remained loyal to his ideals.

It didn’t take much to convince her, to convince him, this would be a wonderful path for her to journey down.

Now, thanks to her own hard work, and perverse curiosity about the Prince (is it the enemy of my enemy is my friend? Is it "keep friends close, keep enemies closer?), she has worked her way up to Seneschal.

Esmeralda loves hosting a great party, loves to keep her fingers busy in everyone’s pies, preferably without them knowing.

Esmeralda Illuminous

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