Jasper O'Neel

A melencholy prince, who favors flowers over lives.


Tall physique, dark hair, cold pale eyes, and a handsome face, what more could you want in a man? But beneath his artistic and beautiful exterior, is a cold unfeeling creature that feeds from the warmth of those around him. He is always tailored in one of many grey three piece suits and ties, and wouldn’t be caught dead without his hair gelled first.


Jasper… lots is known about this guy. First off, he’s gorgeous, second off he’s dangerous. The last prince who was in power was his lover until things went south between the two, less then a week passed, and the prince’s head was brought in by Jasper who quickly claimed praxis of the town. He is known to love flowers of all kinds, especially roses, and is not shy to show off the hearts he’s captured. This man does not deal with rejection well, and I strongly suggest you never refuse a request of his.

Jasper O'Neel

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