Jessica Enderson

A tough skinned warrior with a compassionate heart


Jessica has dark skin, and is always clad in a black biker jacket. She used to be in a biker gang in the 80’s before she was embraced, which was quite a learning experience for her. Jessica has a sister Jackie who she embraced quickly afterward. Jessica is the current primogin for the bruja clan.


Jessica had a very hard life, she was always in the shadow of her sister Jackie who was always the family favorite. Jessica quickly got into the dark arts, drugs, and gangs to rebel against her family. She eventually grew out of her rebellious side, but still had a full life of drug abuse. This lead to her joining a biking gang, it wasn’t until later that she accidentally OD’d on angel dust, and nearly died if it wasn’t for the blood of her sire, Micky. Micky turned her into a ghoul for a few years before finally turning her into a full vampire. Upon being turned Jessica turned her sister in hopes that it would make up for her walking out on her home and family. Don’t believe me? Just ask either of them, they tell this story regularly.

Jessica Enderson

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