A creepy secret seller with a bad case of the gambling bug.


As far as Nosferatu go, this guy is by far the creepiest. Long sharp teeth, scabbed and damaged skin, terrible eyes that pierce into the very soul, long sharpened fingers, and a misshaped hunched body. But do not let his terrible form fool you, he is a necessary ally.


Lucky is a long time inhabitant of the Oregon area. He was orphaned as a child in the 1880’s in the colonial era. He learned to be a thief as a child, stealing food, treats, and coins. When he grew to a teen, he learned to steal kisses for he was quite the ladies man. But when he grew to full adulthood, he learned to steal secrets. Bedding wives to men of power to steal their secrets, and quickly became an infamous figure in the Americas. At his prime, he was embraced by a nosferatu to sell more secrets. Lucky keeps this trade close to himself, and keeps his ear to the ground at all times. Allegedly, his sire is still in town, and very old and powerful.


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