Malcolm Evens

A youngue upstart, who's ready to take on his sire.


Thin, brooding, and musically talented, Malcom is the childre of Jasper O’Neel, the current prince. He usually wears loose clothing, and is covered in Japanese tattoos. He has Philippine dark skin, and slanted eyes. Carries a guitar with him to non formal events. He is the Toreadore Primogin, only because his sire forced him to be, he honestly want’s to be higher up on the ladder.


A newly turned vampire, Malcom is the current Toreadore primongin, and talented musician. He was embraced by Jasper O’Neel, who for one reason or another, decided to embrace this neonate for mysterious reasons. Sire of the lovely Esmeralda Illuminous.

Malcolm Evens

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