Marissa Astrid

Very analitical, the local sheriff and local primogin of the Malkavian clan.


Perfectly cut hair, perfectly pressed clothes, perfectly straight glasses, and a perfectly smooth skirt, Marissa is known for never letting any imperfection happen to her physique. A very analytical woman, belongs to the Malkavian clan, has plenty of paperwork for all players to fill out to keep tabs on everyone. Do not let her perfectly symmetrical appearance fool you, inside, she’s a web of personal lies and and crazy as they come.


Very little is known publicly of Marissa’s past, being very private about her personal life, she tries to remain in her haven in the middle of the city to remain as an antisocial recluse whenever she can. We do know this, she used to have a few enemies in the camarilla, none are alive today.

Marissa Astrid

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