Micky Grudge (AKA: Micky-G)

A big ol biker guy with an even bigger past


Short, bald, with a grey beard and covered in tattoos, Micky looks tough. He is always in full biker gear, even though he sold his bike years ago, and permanently wears sun glasses, even though he only goes out at night. He is the sire of Jessica Enderson, and used to be the bruja primogin before passing the title down to her.


Not much is known about Micky, what is known is that he originally lived in Santa Fe, before moving up to Oregon. It is common knowledge that he is addicted to meth even in unlife, and works on vehicles to pay the bills. He is very streetwise, and knows how to get around on the streets. There is no strong gangrel presence in the local area, but Micky always says that if someone needs to find some information from the gangrel, to get a hold of him.

Micky Grudge (AKA: Micky-G)

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