All things happening in vampire society are happening right here, this is the place where you can come to get more information off of what is happening in game, and even find coupons to get free discounts off of weapons or other things. Stay posted!

11/1/2016: A crazed man was found attempting to bite off the face and neck of club goers at club Fluze’. Three have been reported critically injured and found died upon arrival at the hospital from excessive blood loss. Police believe that this is a drug fueled occurrence due to the street drug “bath salts”, but we know better. Whoever did this was kindred.

8/19/2016: Rumors of a monster swimming about the Willamette river have begun to surface, people speak of some kind of uncomprehending terror rising up from the sea before disappearing underneath once more. So far the only information we have on the topic is that a. it’s big and b. it’s horrifying. Not sure if this is just a hoax, or something much BIGGER (see what I did there).

7/29/2016: Another human corpse in the nearby forests has been found, the attack signify that something animal has ripped into the target of human blood, and devoured it’s insides. I fear that we may have werewolves on our hands, we have had no direct attacks on kindred, but I fear that if there are werewolves are in the local area, we should do everything to wipe out a possible threat. So far that makes the total deaths up to 7, thankfully we’ve claimed it’s a bear, and the population has easily accepted this as truth. More to come as information surfaces.


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