Alice Duplan

Quite, soft spoken and too plain


Shoulder length black hair and disarming eyes. Soft spoken with just a touch of out of character expression. Often found in white so she’s rarely seen wearing the same dress twice.


White Stained Red
A pawn a piece,
With white trimmed case.
From place to place,
Step two Step one,
Step space to space.
see me step to then straight on through.
From end to end I’m born anew.

Kill the queen and cut her through,
From end to end,
White shines anew.
Now so resets a new red case,
The red queen now is given, place.

So, too my queen it’s often said
A simple pawn steps white to red,
from end to end to set again.

She sees you now from white to red
For all before her now are dead.
Step to, step to,
To step straight through.

Accept me now,
I’m vulnerable!
For what I see is what is true,
White world stained red
By me through you.

Alice Duplan

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