Lady Adorite

A Sabbat dominatrix with a following.


Blonde, and fair skinned, lady Adorite wears full pvc clothing at all times, and is known for keeping tools of desires such as whips and switches. She revels in being powerful, and thus has made herself a small cult to worship her by getting hem addicted to her blood. Her herd consists of ladies of the night, and erotic dancers, wile the male counterpart are left to be eternally hungry toys for her amusement.


Lady Adroite was a madam at a whore house in the early 17th century, since then she has learned the art of staying alive, and is not afraid to remind others of that. She was left for dead by her last lover when she was human, only to find a beautiful vampire save her from final death. Since then she has deemed all men are tools to be used, and treats them as such. Despite her outward hardened and seductive nature, she understandably struggles with many problems from her old life that carry through to the modern day.

Lady Adorite

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