Status is a 1-5 point merit you can purchase. This determines your character’s popularity among vampires, and what positions of kindred society you are fit for. Having more than 5 points of status means that you are able to give out the points above 5 to other players, this removes the extra point of status you have, but it is great incentive to get characters to do what you want. Giving a point of status to another player allows them to gain a point of status for free. Status gives you the positions as seen below:

1 Point of status: You are known in kindred society, not exactly a major player in the game of politics yet however. You are capable of being a keeper of Elysium as long as you have 1 point or more into the haven merit. This means that you may make the rules of your personal Elysium when others visit, and get to deep their punishment if they break those rules. You can also be what is called a whip, this is a character who usually does the ground work of politics by interrogating, and investigating others for the local Sheriff. There can be multiple whips, and usually there is always multiple keepers of Elysium.

2 Points of status: Your name is fairly known, and you are becoming a decent player of the game. You can play the sheriff who’s job it is to protect the local kindred. Sheriffs can turn players with status of 1 into whips to work for them or help them fight an opposing force. Think of sheriffs like the kindred police. There can be multiple sheriffs, but it is rare.

3 Points of status: You are well known, and commonly talked about. You have become a player of the game with all it’s banes and boons. You are able to play a primogen, which is the representative of a clan. This means you make decisions for your clan, and represent them when the prince wishes to have council. This also means that you may suffer consequences if your clan is out of hand, thus it is not out of the realm of possibility for a primogen to slap their clan into shape whenever the prince is around. There is only one primogen, and usually the clan must have 3 or more vampires in it before they have need of a primogen.

4 Points of status: You are feared and well known, people know of your deeds to kindred society, and thus you are respected. You are able to play the Harpy. A harpy is much like a primogen, but of the local domain instead of a clan. Every vampire under camarilla law will listen to you to uphold the traditions and stay in favor of the higher ups. It is the job of the Harpy to go to out of town events, and socialize with other kindred to represent your domain or city.

5 Points of status: You are one of the few most well known kindred, and have major parts to play in the gears of politics. You are able to take position as prince or as Seneschal. The prince is in charge of all affairs that happen within his domain, and thus makes the rules that local kindred are to abide by. The prince answers to no one but the Archons. The right hand of the prince is the Seneschal, who deals with matters when the prince is either away, or the prince cannot be bothered to deal with a current problem. Seneschals cannot make laws like the prince, but they can make decisions for him if needed.

Unavailable to players: Archons and Justicar. Justices are a circle of six very ancient and powerful vampires. If the prince is concidered a lord of his land, the Justicar are the kings. They rule every single camarilla domain with the power of their Archons. Archons are the ground men of the Justicar, usually powerful, and very savvy, the Archon spend their entire unlives serving the Justcar. If the Justcar hear of a domain getting too out of hand, they send an Archon to see what the problem is, and if necessary, he will return again with an army to wipe the domain off the face of society. It is a bleak day when an Archon visits your domain, it means that death is riding towards your domain, and it won’t leave unsated.


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